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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Demands grow to restore Houthis to US list of designated terrorist groups
Yemen's war

The Arab News reported that demands grew on Wednesday for the US to restore the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen to its list of designated terrorist groups.

The government in Yemen joined calls for the reinstatement by authorities in the UAE after Monday’s Houthi drone attack on Abu Dhabi in which three people died.

Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed said: “These criminal acts require designating the Houthis as a terrorist organization,” adding that “The international community has to deal with this group.

The Arab News said that more pressure needs to be applied to stop these terrorist crimes that threaten regional and international peace and stability.”

It mentioned that former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated the Houthis a foreign terrorist organization on Jan. 16, 2021, a few hours before the Trump administration handed the White House over to Joe Biden.

Mike Pompeo/Official Facebook page
Mike Pompeo/Official Facebook page

The new administration quickly reversed the move, paused a ban on financial transactions in Houthi-controlled areas on Jan. 25, and fully revoked the terrorist designation on Feb. 16.

The revocation was followed by a barrage of drone and missile attacks by the Houthis targeting civilians and energy infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Deputy Defense Minister says Houthis sacrificed Yemenis to serve Iran's agenda

On the ground, the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy escalated airstrikes on Houthi military sites and reinforcements on Wednesday as government troops repelled the militia’s attempts to seize control of new areas.

The Coalition said in a statement carried by El-Akhbariyah TV: "We are carrying out a large-scale military operation to paralyze the Houthis' capabilities in a number of governorates, adding that "We are monitoring the terrorist leaders responsible for targeting civilians.|"

Earlier on Wednesday, Coalition warplanes destroyed military vehicles carrying Houthi fighters in Marib and struck Houthi gatherings and locations in the province. Thick smoke and large balls of fire billowed over targeted locations in southwestern Sanaa, including Attan Mountain, which hosts a ballistic missile depot.

Drones becomes Iranian, Houthi’s weapons choice

The coalition said it had carried out 19 airstrikes in Marib that killed 90 Houthis and destroyed 11 of their vehicles.There was heavy fighting between government troops and the Houthis south of the strategic central city of Marib. Rashad Al-Mekhlafi, a military official at Yemen’s Armed Forces Guidance Department, told Arab News the Houthis had mounted several counterattacks on government troops around Al-Balaq Al-Sharqi mountain range in a bid to break a siege on pockets of their fighters on the strategic mountain.

The Houthis failed to achieve their goal of reaching the mountain and were forced into stopping their attacks after suffering heavy casualties. “They have to either surrender or die,” Al-Mekhlafi said. Loyalist Giants Brigades troops also engaged in heavy fighting with the Houthis south of Marib.

U.S. Navy seizes arms from Iran likely bound for Yemen

The Coalition said early Thursday that in the western governorate of Hodeidah, Houthi weapons storages at the naval forces camp were also targeted.

It said the port was being used by the Houthis as a military barracks to threaten regional and international security. Houthis reportedly transferred the weapons from the port to the military camp under commercial cover.

Houthis had also been accused of engaging in sea piracy, attacking civilian ships passing along the Red Sea.

US seizes Iranian arms in Arabian Sea intended for the Houthi militia in Yemen

The State Department said: The US special envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, began visits on Wednesday to the Gulf states and the UK. “The special envoy and his team will press the parties to deescalate militarily and...participate fully in an inclusive UN-led peace process."

Source: arabnews