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Thursday, 25 July 2024
  • Mobile Environmental Housing Project for Journalists Affected by the Earthquake in Northern Syria

  • This project benefits 25 individuals working in the media sector and their families
Mobile Environmental Housing Project for Journalists Affected by the Earthquake in Northern Syria
مشروع السكن البيئي المتنقل للصحفيين المتضررين من الزلزال شمال سوريا

The successful completion of the first phase of the environmentally friendly mobile housing project for journalists affected by the earthquake has been achieved. This project is a collaboration between the Multicultural Center of Paris and the Fondation de France, representing a significant step towards providing support to media professionals and journalists who were severely affected by the earthquake that struck northern Syria in February 2023.

The idea was launched in the context of providing support to earthquake victims, focusing on creating a suitable environment for journalists and media professionals facing significant challenges due to natural disasters, which necessarily impact their work in conveying reality and facts.

Environmentally Mobile Housing

These residences consist of a 21-square-meter housing block equipped with solar panels and batteries, Including all necessary facilities for living, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Additionally, they are made from environmentally friendly materials, minimizing their impact on the environment.

The project targets 25 individuals working in the media along with their families. In the first phase, 12 families, comprising 52 individuals (including 11 women, 29 children), benefited from the project.

Achieving Goals

The completion of the first phase is the result of joint efforts the Multicultural Center of Paris and the Fondation de France. Sakher Edris, the Executive Director of the center, stated, "Our goal is to provide effective and tangible support to media professionals directly affected by the earthquake, contributing to temporary stability, we ensured that the housing is not permanent, allowing for relocation, when necessary, especially since most beneficiaries are displaced, we look forward to expanding the scope of this humanitarian work in the future."

Dallegi Yosr, International Emergencies program manager at Fondation de France, declared: “After 12 years of war, economic shocks, epidemics, around 4 million people in north-west Syria, spread across 1,800 camps and makeshift shelters, find themselves homeless and in extremely precarious conditions. Add to this the earthquake of February 6 which struck the north, killing more than 4,000 people and pushing thousands of Syrians to find refuge elsewhere, often in displaced persons camps.


She added: “Syrian journalists play an essential role in safeguarding a pluralist society, disseminating information within their country and internationally, and keeping the moral conscience of public opinion alive. Often to the detriment of their lives. Already threatened, arrested, and targeted because of their activities, many of them have also been affected by the earthquake and find themselves in a situation of increased vulnerability. We must support Syrian journalists, guarantee them (and their families) dignified living conditions and a secure working environment.”

Journalists who benefited from the project expressed their appreciation for the support received. They mentioned that the environmentally friendly mobile housing helped them rebuild their lives temporarily after the destructive effects of the earthquake on their residences.

The success of the first phase reflects the determination of partners to provide humanitarian support to those working in the sector, considering them the most vulnerable in all regions due to the nature of their work in challenging conditions.


In conclusion, the center extends gratitude to all partners, supporting entities, volunteers, and individuals who contributed to achieving this significant humanitarian accomplishment.

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