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Tuesday, 23 July 2024
  Ammunition aid policy and its impact on the American role in the world.
Kamal Alzghoul

  After October 7, the United States sent smart munitions to Israel, which was a hasty and ill-considered decision.  It grants weapons patents to Israel, and thus Israel becomes a heavy burden on the shoulders of American taxpayers because Israel, without any effort, took the “deadly weapon” from the United States which weakened the American strategy in the world.  The evidence for this is that President Biden has returned to negotiations with China, and this step is considered a first step towards recognizing the rise of China and the ability to curb it.  On the other hand, Israel acted in the war on Gaza like the United States when the latter used the nuclear bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II.  Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that the Israeli Air Force can reach anywhere in the Middle East.  It seems that Israel is freely using American weapons to form a new order in the Middle East!  So we have to look at the other side of the matter, it means that it reduces the American role as a superpower!

  The war on Gaza in this brutal manner may impact the American economy and take it to the bottom, and Israel may share the secret of American weapons with other regional friends.  As a result, this could cause other great powers to unite against American interests.  Sending weapons to Israel, at the expense of other allies, could divide the world in the short and long term because Israel is killing Palestinians in the name of American policy.  Although Ukraine received a lot of ammunition, it lost many battles on the ground.  During the US intervention in the Middle East, President Putin is preparing a winter attack on Ukraine to seize more territory.  The breach in the Pacific Ocean may also create an opportunity for China to regain control of Taiwan.  In general, Israel began to shape American policy based on its interests and not based on American interests. Ammunition aid to Israel affected American democracy, its economy, and its values.  It has certainly brought down American principles to the bottom, despite Congress's opposition to sending weapons to Israel.  During his two terms as president, President Obama halted the peace process in the region and turned a blind eye to China's global rise.  In that political gap, President Obama gave Israel time, rather than weapons, to destroy the peace process by building thousands of settlements in the West Bank.  President Joe Biden is repeating the same policy differently, supporting Israel for killing American democracy and Palestinian civilians.  The Democrats' policy will certainly help China rise further and compete with the United States globally, and the coming days may tell us that story.  I can say that the United States is trying to curb small resistance groups in the Middle East, but it is neglecting the rise of other powers in the world which is considered an indication of a turning point towards shaping a new world order .

By Dr. Kamal Alzghoul