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Tuesday, 16 August 2022
Turkey arrests Greek citizen on spying charges
Flag of Turkey-National flag/Pixabay

Turkey’s local police said, it arrested a Greek citizen on Sunday (June 26) on suspicion of espionage activities, a day after seizing him in an operation coordinated with its spy agency.

Mohamed Amar Ampara was caught in the southeastern city of Gaziantep near Turkey’s border with Syria, citing the AFP, the Arabnews reported.

The police department in Gaziantep said in a statement: “The agent, named M.A.A., was detained by the judicial authorities after he was discovered to have connections with the Greek National Intelligence Organization ... compiled information about our country’s border security and transferred it to Greek intelligence.”

Turkish media reported at the weekend that Ampara operated disguised as a businessman during his trips to Turkey.

Tank of Turkish police - Pixabay

The Greek Foreign Ministry said in the meantime that Ampara’s disappearance had been reported to the Greek Embassy in Ankara a few weeks ago.

It added that the embassy had repeatedly raised the subject with the Turkish authorities but the latter had never provided any answers.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia determined to start new period of cooperation

Turkey and Greece are allies within NATO but are embroiled in a number of disputes, the report said.

It mentioned that tensions have escalated in recent weeks, with Ankara accusing Athens of stationing troops on islands near its maritime border.

It should be noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier this month that he would no longer hold bilateral meetings with Greek leaders.

Source: arabnews