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Friday, 23 February 2024
The largest wildfire of 2021 is still active in central Spain

According to the Xinhua news agency, a government delegate has confirmed on Monday that the largest wildfire of 2021 in Spain was still active on Monday, after burning around 10,000 hectares of brush, woodland and pasture.

The Chinese news agency said, the fire began between the small towns of Navalacruz and Cepeda in the province of Avila on Saturday morning, after a vehicle on a minor road caught fire. The flames then spread to the surrounding countryside.

It added, strong winds and temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius helped the fire spread a further 40 km, leading to the evacuation of around 1,000 people from the municipalities of Solosancho, Sobedillo, Riofrio, Sotalbo and Villaviciosa.


In the Current time, the important N-502 road, which links the cities of Avila (central Spain) and Cordoba (southern Spain) has been closed due to the fire, along with several local roads.

The flames are currently being fought by around 500 firemen, including 150 members of the Military Emergency Unit of the Spanish armed forces. Five aircraft and two helicopters have been deployed.

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Ash particles fell in some outlying towns in the neighboring Comunidad de Madrid, while smoke was visible over 120 km away.

It should be noted, the fire began on the same day that a temperature of 47.2 degrees Celsius was recorded in the town of Montoro, in Andalusia (southern Spain).

This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Spain, and comes after several days of temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius in much of central and southern Spain.

Source: xinhua