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Friday, 21 June 2024
Mayor of London makes fun of Trump,
Mayor of London makes fun of Trump, "11-year-old child".

Mayor of London makes fun of Trump, "11-year-old child".

In a long clash between the two, London Mayor Sadiq Khan attacked US President Donald Trump and described him as "an 11-year-old boy".

Before arriving in London on a three-day visit, Trump raised controversy with the mayor and wrote a tweet describing Khan as "completely incompetent," "stolid," and that his performance as mayor was "appalling" and accused him of not doing enough effort to prevent terrorist attacks in London.

In contrast, the mayor of London responded that he did not feel insulted by the 72-year-old US president.

"This is the kind of behaviour I would expect from an 11-year-old boy," Khan told CNN, I do not have to respond in a similar way, "vowing not to write" childish tweets "like Trump does.

Trump repeated his rebuke to the mayor of London, describing him as "passive and unintelligent," saying he did not do his job well, while he should be focusing on his job.

The reprimand came on the air on Tuesday, in response to Trump's question to a female journalist at a joint conference with outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May in London, who did not comment on the US president's insult to the Mayor of London.

At the press conference, the Sky News reporter asked the British prime minister about her view of Trump's tweets about Khan, but Trump answered that question, adding more criticism to the Mayor of London, while Teresa May ignored the answer.

Mayor of London makes fun of Trump, "11-year-old child".