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Tuesday, 23 July 2024
Huawei can supply its products without US components: Chairman
Huawei can supply its products without US components: Chairman

Huawei can ensure the supply of its products, without relying on products from the US, the company’s Chairman Liang Hua told Al Arabiya, adding that its biggest priority is to build up Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for its 500 million users.

“We can now ensure the supply continuity of our products without relying on US chips or components,” Hua told Al Arabiya in an interview on Wednesday.

The Chinese telecoms giant, which is at the center of a heated battle between Beijing and Washington, was banned by the US earlier this year due to concerns over national security.

If the US resumes supply, Huawei will continue purchasing chips and components from the country’s suppliers, Hua added.

The trade ban on Shenzhen-based Huawei forced Google-owner Alphabet to remove the company’s smartphones from the Android partner program in June.

“I think the bigger impact relates to our smartphones, in terms of accessing Google Mobile Services and Google's ecosystem,” Hua said.

While the company’s smartphone sales across China have not been affected, the major impact has been on its sales outside the Asian country, Hua added.

Huawei overtook Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone maker in May.

The US, which has banned Huawei from participating in its 5G rollout, has been pressuring other countries to ban the company’s products. US officials have warned their allies against using Huawei’s components in 5G networks, citing concerns related to spying by Beijing.

Despite the ban, Huawei told media in September that it would license its 5G platform to any willing American buyer.

“Both China and Europe have their own 5G equipment vendors, but the US does not, so we are willing to license our 5G technology to a US company,” Hua confirmed in the interview with Al Arabiya.

“We will license our technology on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms,” he added.