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Saturday, 24 February 2024
Ex-MP confessed he wanted sexual relationship with parliamentary worker
Ex-MP confessed he wanted sexual relationship with parliamentary worker

A tribunal has heard that a former Labour MP confessed he wanted a sexual relationship with a parliamentary worker.

Mike Hill texted the woman, known only as Ms A, saying he "craved" her body and was "in love" with her.

Ms A has accused the former Hartlepool MP of a campaign of sexual harassment and bullying over a 16-month period.

She also claims he groped her and rubbed his penis against her body.

Mr Hill, who stood down as an MP earlier this year, has denied the allegations against him.

During cross-examination at the Central London Employment Tribunal, Mr Hill was questioned about text messages he sent to Ms A.

In one, which was read out to the tribunal, Mr Hill told her: "You know that I crave your company and intelligence and conversation all the time. But that I also crave your body too."

The claimant’s barrister, Samuel Nicholls, asked if that meant he wanted to "have sex" with Mrs A, Mr Hill replied: "Part of having a relationship would be that."

In another message, Mr Hill wrote: "Of course I will escape when I can, I want you to be part of my future. You know how much I love you."

Asked whether he loved the claimant, Mr Hill told the tribunal: "At some stage, I believe I was in love with her."

He went on to text her: "I’m truly sorry, I hope we have a future in the long term.

"Hoping I could look after you and care for you like I have done. Didn’t know your feelings were a million miles from that. Sorry. I couldn’t cope with a loveless future as I have that now.

"If I could propose to you today, I would. But if you’re not interested, then what’s the point. I’d end up in torture."

Mr Hill, who was married at the time of the messages, said "I accepted that the claimant did not want to enter into a romantic sexual relationship with me.

"I was wearing my heart on my sleeve which was not unusual for me," he said

He as well said to the tribunal that his "emotions were all over the place" at the time.

Earlier in the hearing, he said he had received sexual harassment training while in a previous role as a regional organiser for the Unison trade union.

"I was aware the claimant had post-traumatic stress disorder and depression," he said

The tribunal, which will last a week and a half, continues.

Source: independent