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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Egypt's decision to cancel state of emergency proves it has eliminated terrorism
Egypt-Cairo-Cairo tower/Pixabay

The Xinhua reported, Egypt's political and security experts said that Egypt's decision to cancel the state of emergency sent a message to the world that the North African country is safe and stable after it has eliminated terrorism.

It mentioned, the experts stressed that the new decision is also a good step for the Egyptian people as it removes all freedom restrictions imposed by the emergency law.

As the experts expected, there would be "positive influences" on the political situation in Egypt as a result of this decision, which they considered "the beginning of a complete breakthrough for a new political phase" in the country.

On Monday, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi announced that he canceled the extension of the years-long state of emergency throughout the country.

The Xinhua said that Egypt imposed the state of emergency in April 2017 after two church bombings killed at least 45 people. It has been constantly renewed in accordance with the constitution to confront terrorist organizations.


The terrorist operations in Egypt declined sharply during the past few years due to the pre-emptive anti-terror operations carried out by the army and police.

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Tarek Fahmy, professor of political science at Cairo University, told Xinhua: "There are several reasons behind the lifting of the state of emergency. The first is that Egypt has become a safe and stable country, even though it is located in a turbulent and unstable region."

Egypt's army and security services that have the capacity to deal with all risks and challenges are among the reasons behind the notable decline of terror acts across the country, the expert said, while warning that terrorist organizations may carry out terrorist operations during the coming period to prove their existence.

He pointed out: "Offering incentive opportunities to attract foreign investments and promoting a secure, politically and economically stable environment in Egypt are also among the reasons behind cancelling the state of emergency."

Fahmy noted that the decision confirms the strength of the Egyptian state and reflects its victory in the war against terrorism.

"Making the decision at this very specific time is a positive step and will have a positive impact on all levels," Fahmy said, stressing that the move represents a continuity of the national human rights strategy.

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In September, President Sisi launched Egypt's first national strategy for human rights, which he described as a key step for upgrading human rights in the country.

Meanwhile, the expert noted that canceling the state of emergency would have positive effects on the political situation in Egypt.

"Egypt enjoys security and political stability, and what we need is setting standards for the political process," Fahmy said, expecting that it will be followed by "other positive decisions."

For his part, Samir Farag, a retired army major general, described the decision to cancel the state of emergency as a "historic move."

Farag, a former director at the Ministry of Defense, told Xinhua: "The Egyptian people are the first to benefit from this decision as they will live normally."

The military expert explained that the move will attract robust investments to Egypt "because investors cannot start businesses in a country that may take sudden procedures under the emergency law."

"Tourism will flourish again thanks to this decision. Some countries were afraid to send tourists as long as the emergency law was imposed," he explained.

He noted that Egypt took this decision after it became stable on the security and political levels, adding that "Egypt has succeeded to eliminate terrorism."

Moreover, Khaled Okasha, security expert and director of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, said that canceling the state of emergency is an "excellent and very positive decision that confirms the victory of the Egyptian state in its war against terrorism."

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Okasha attributed this decision to Egypt's success in inflicting heavy blows against terrorist organizations, in addition to the decline of external threats to Egyptian national security.

He added: "Egypt was able, through its security services, to contain organized crime that was targeting its borders, especially the western and southern borders."

The expert said Egypt presented a global model in defeating terrorist organizations, stressing that this had a great contribution to making the decision to cancel the state of emergency.

The expert told Xinhua: "The success of the Egyptian state in rebuilding its security institutions made the need for exceptional measures in combating terrorism and organized crime unnecessary."

Okasha affirmed that the economic situation in the country is also going through a period of stability, noting that "the political leadership saw that there was no need to renew the state of emergency."

Source: xinhua