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Monday, 22 July 2024
Ebrahim Raisi swears in as the new president of Iran

The Xinhua reported that Ebrahim Raisi was sworn in on Thursday as the new president of Iran in the parliament.

According to the Chinese news agency, Raisi took the oath during his swearing-in ceremony.

"I swear ... to be the guardian of the official religion and the Islamic Republic establishment and the constitution of the country, and to use all my capacity and competencies to fulfill the responsibilities I have undertaken."

He added, "I swear to dedicate myself to serve the people, elevate the country, promote religion and morality, support the right and spread justice, refrain from any dictatorship, support freedom and dignity of individuals and the rights that the constitution has recognized for the nation."

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The Xinhua reported that in the ceremony broadcast live on the state TV, Raisi also vowed to protect the borders and political, economic and cultural independence of Iran.

It added local media reported that Iranian lawmakers and guests from more than 70 countries attended Raisi's inauguration ceremony in the parliament.

According to the regulations, the president has two weeks after the inauguration ceremony to introduce the cabinet and the ministerial plan to the parliament for one-week evaluation.

Iran flag

The reports said Raisi will probably introduce his cabinet to the parliament by Sunday.

Raisi was elected as Iran's new president on June 18, and formally assumed office after the supreme leader's decree on Tuesday and swearing-in ceremony in the parliament on Thursday.

Source: xinhua
Image source: xinhua