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Friday, 01 March 2024
Destruction of Houthi weapons store in al Hodeidah
Destruction of Houthi weapons store in al Hodeidah

Yemeni military sources said that the joint forces destroyed a weapons depot and combat equipments belonging to Iranian-backed Houthi militia in the northeast of al Hodeidah airport, resulting in deaths and injuries.

The sources added that the deaths and injuries are Houthi militia militants, they fell inside a bombed tunnel in the same area.

The sources explained that the artillery of the joint forces that destroyed the combat machinery resulted in other explosions, including one of the trenches, where Houthis fled to.

According to the sources, this trench had been bombed previously by Houthis militia.

The forces said that this operation comes as a response to militias’ bombing of the districts and vital institutions in the liberated regions, inside the city of al Hodeidah in western Yemen.

Joint forces published scenes of the destruction of the movable combat machinery and explosions inside the tunnel, and the escape of the Houthi militias, as well as the emergence of new tunnels and trenches.

In Al-Bayda' governorate in central Yemen, military sources stated that three members of Al-Houthi were killed, and others were wounded in an ambush that carried out by the National Army forces in Nati' district.

Militants from the militia were ambushed by a force from the brigade 173, infantry forces, in the "Shua'ab of Ahwas" south of the strategic mountain "Suran", in Nati', resulting in deaths and injuries, the military resources stated.

The military sources pointed out that the operation was followed by artillery shelling on militias' positions in "Fadha Valley" in al Malajem directorate.