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Tuesday, 06 June 2023
COVID-19: Webber to open theatres on 21 June and no mind of being arrested
Lloyd Webber

The English composer and impresario of musical theatre Andrew Lloyd Webber says he will open theatres on 21 June even if 'freedom day' is delayed, and he is prepared to be arrested if authorities try to intervene. Webber 

The composer warns he may have to sell his West End venues if the Government does not stick to its roadmap.

Lord Lloyd Webber is preparing for a production of Cinderella, which is scheduled to open for previews on 25 June ahead of its world premiere in July.

Sky news quoted his statement to the the Daily Telegraph, "We are going to open, come hell or high water". Webber 

When asked what he would do if the government postponed lifting lockdown, he said: "We will say: 'come to the theatre and arrest us."

The 21 June "freedom day" is in doubt due to concerns over the impact of coronavirus variants.

The pandemic has had a catastrophic financial impact on the theatre industry and many have remained closed despite the ease in COVID-19 restrictions as it is not financially viable for them to open with reduced capacities. Webber 


Source: Sky news

Image source: Sky news