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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Britain calls on China and Russia to agree on international approach over Afghanistan
Liz Truss

The Exbulletin reported according to Reuters, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a statement at the United Nations, Britain will call on China and Russia on Wednesday to agree on a coordinated international approach to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a haven for militants.

According to the report, the Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, China, Russia, the United States and France will meet with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the UN General Assembly in New York.

It said that Britain, which currently coordinates the so-called P5 group of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, will use the meeting to call for greater cooperation to improve international security, with a particular focus on Afghanistan .

The Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US, British and NATO troops last month has raised concerns that the country will again be used as a training ground for Islamist militants.


Truss said in a statement before the meeting, if we are to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for global terrorism, the international community – including Russia and China – must act with one voice in its engagement with the Taliban.

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The Taliban have promised that they will not let Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden plotted the 9/11 attacks while in power, again become a safe place for groups planning to strike the West.

Last week, at a meeting of a China-Russia-led security bloc, Chinese President Xi Jinping said parties involved in Afghanistan should eradicate terrorism and that China will provide more aid to the country to the extent of its capabilities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin used a speech at the same summit to say that Russia must work with the Taliban government and that world powers should consider unfreezing Afghan assets.

Source: exbulletin