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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Australia 'most wanted man' arrested after he was hiding in shipping container
Police man in formal uniform ready to arrest criminal/Pixabay

The Standard reported according to Australian police that a suspected drug trafficker who was dubbed Australia’s “most wanted man” has been arrested after he was discovered inside in a shipping container.

Detectives said Mostafa Baluch, 33, was found inside the container on the back of a lorry that was pulled over following a tipoff.

Police allege that Baluch was trying to cross from New South Wales into Queensland when he was arrested in the town of Tweed Heads at about 1am local time on Wednesday.

He had sparked a 17-day nationwide manhunt after allegedly cutting off an ankle bracelet which had been tracking him in Sydney.

Shipping container/Pixabay Shipping container/Pixabay

Baluch had been on bail on charges of attempting to import 900kg of cocaine from Ecuador.

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Police approached the lorry and realised the container, which was carrying a grey car, was not locked. They knocked on it and heard someone knocking back.

Detective Supt Rob Critchlow of New South Wales Police said: “He was quite shocked - he thought he was cleverer than this."

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A photo released by police shows Baluch dressed in a T-shirt and shorts sitting on the side of the road moments after his arrest.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said an “extraordinary” amount of money was spent tracking down Baluch.

He said: “I’d have nightmares if I even started to think about it."

The Standard noted that Baluch was facing a court case later on Wednesday.

Source: standard