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Friday, 01 March 2024
  • Administration between the global recognition and marginalization (neglect) in the Syrian Kurdish regions

Administration between the global recognition and marginalization (neglect) in the Syrian Kurdish regions
Nizar Mousa

Events unfolded in Syria during ten years ago , and various kinds of power struggle emerged on the ground in exchange for their interests and influences in the region, through local mediators. The most important matter after the failure of the international coalition to form a military opposition force against it in the fight against ISIS in the region, the United States and their allies began to think about depending on the force near of the Syrian regime to fight. It wanted to far this force

form regime in the same time to achieve its plane and strategy on the Syrian ground. , this time US wanted to make kind of accordance between administer of this force which is near of the thinking of the Kurdish party labour in Qndil (Turkey Kurdish) and the silence of its ally Turkey to intering other local people from arab area in this force, so US makes the military force in the area under the name (democracy Syria forces) QSD.

After thousands of sacrifices that this military force in fighting ISIS started during several years from the beginning of its exploitation to exploit it from a quarter of it, both the (QSD) and the Democratic Union Party(PYD) are preparing to announce areas project to their control something like kind of administration of this, area .without other political Kurdish party, and did not allowing this parties to share in this administration, and (OSD, PYD) administer this administration alone.

Soon, however, the region went through several military operations that expanded the unity of the region geographically, targeting this unstable administration.

Turkey has worked to establish corridors on its border according with alliance in those areas located in the geographic areas with a Kurdish majority, and has recently gone further and moved towards the stronghold of its announcement (Ain Issa) to designate it as a next target An assessment of the state of administration on the ground, and establishing the foundations of this entity with a strong incubator as a basic component in the region, and also expressing the Kurdish case in Syria, and not an entity expressing an organization whose geography is framed within Turkey itself. Its components are components, mats, ingredients, mound of its ingredients.

Papers of strength that study this approach, our science, , our knowledge, our knowledge, and its support some from administration , except at the level of some sympathetic European parliamentarians, activists and lovers of knowledge to the lowest level required, and some representative offices did not exceed them Abroad for informal representative associations,

The start-up numbers start to be implemented at the beginning of the operation in the start-up stages at the beginning of the institution's management, actors, and the management of the institution has been destroyed without marriage. A real restoration of it with time, and I promised to get it in front of the challenges, health, living and societal by watching films that play an economic role in the shoulders of the people of the region, and their misery increased in the absence of the basics of a decent life.

Not to mention a view of a night a night a night a night a night a night a night to the area under its influence.

Contribute to shooting, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean can achieve success in achieving success and balance, other than searching on this page, the current reality is a reality in its perception in reality, very true. Removing the discomforts of its stability and treating it rationally as possible.

The correct state of this administration in being true to being genuinely represented, represented correctly, magnificent correctly, and a valid gain, if they are permissible, before their supporters, serve to eliminate an outward life that is satisfied with time, so it may open a door that changes the reality of the situatio.

Nizar Mousa

BY: Nizar Mousa