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Thursday, 30 May 2024
A Syrian girl was sexually harassed in a Turkish school
A Syrian girl was sexually harassed in a Turkish school

A Syrian girl in an elementary school in the Turkish city of Esenyurt was subjected to harassment by one of the employees, according to what Turkish media reported on Friday.

The girl’s mother said that her 12-year-old daughter, on February 7, was subjected to harassment by the guard at her school Bilma Parrot Elementary in Esenyurt, after her daughter told her what happened to her during her school time.

Unusually, the girl came crying home, telling her mother that shortly after her arrival at the school, the school guard who introduced himself as the vice-principal of the school stopped her, and told her he was giving Syrian students new books.

Her colleagues were told to go to their classes, and he asked her to accompany him to a book repository.

The mother added that the school guard offered her daughter 5 Turkish lira in exchange for her silence and not telling anyone, highlighting that the girl wanted to tell her teacher. Still, she hesitated and continued to cry throughout her classes until she returned and immediately informed her mother of what happened.

The mother said that she immediately informed the police of her daughter's complaint, which took the girl to a doctor. The police later arrested the school guard (Ismail S.) and took legal action against him.