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Friday, 24 May 2024
  • A strategic solution for the Kurdish negotiations which American sponsorship in the eastern north, areas under the control of the Syrian Kurds

A strategic  solution for  the Kurdish negotiations which  American sponsorship  in the eastern north, areas under the control of the Syrian Kurds
Nizar Mousa

the international coalition which led by the United States of America after its announced the defeat of ISIS Terrorist Organization in Syria and Iraq , and the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) on a third of Syria. QSD declared for institution an administration to administer those areas in 2018, the international coalition, under pressure from Turkey, found that it was dealing with an incomplete administration, getting from Some ideological targets by collating with regional powers .

Accelerated events in those eras make United States of America to rethink its policy in this regard, for advance to take advantage of those forces on the ground, after its failure to support the opposition forces on the ground, by placing these existing forces in the conflict a after towards the opposition forces to radical groups through the Turkish silence, specifically in gathering the PKK forces in that geographical area and reducing their numbers in Qandil, by descending to their new areas.

after the end of the military conflict , the necessity to discuss the fate of this declared administration was emerged , and what American politicians have found easier and useful for the administration to renew and restructure and change the overriding ideology over time, in a manner consistent with International Resolution 2254 on Syria, so the American side apparently baptized To formulate a policy, at least with operational planning in the region, by directing the new administration's compass towards the Syrian opposition instead of the regime and Russia. And that by directing to deal with a serious initiative with the Kurdish National Council(ENKS) in a dialogue to arrange the Kurdish parties firstly, and then include the rest of the components of the region for the new project as a good administrative experience that can be generalized to the rest of the Syrian geography, to be a factor in the urgency of complications on the Syrian arena and a good motivation for the Geneva talks in developing for creating a new reality in Syria.

The new approach , I think, made the US interests by achieving special stability in the region, to removal of Iran tools from the region in the same time achieves the security of Israel in the region. On a reasonable and acceptable political vision for both parties, and for the region as well. Meetings continued, until an agreement emerged, a reference body that would manage this new entity politically, militarily and socially.

However, with the absence of the American sponsor as a result of the circumstances of the transfer of America administration and the Christmas period, those in charge of this current administration tried to disavowed what was agreed upon and obstruct the next sensitive stages of the dialogues, as they affect the security and defense basket and the mechanism for the participation of the Peshmerga forces of Roj( those forces which opposite to PKK) affiliated with the Kurdish National Council(ENKS) in the security system in that geography of those dialogues, knowing that these new forces(the Peshmerga forces of Roj) are hopefully in their presence the effective tool for achieve stability, as they have a good reputation and are now present as trained forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. And ISIS fought under the eyes of the International Coalition itself, and it was not acceptable only to the Democratic Union Party(PYD) and its military wing because opposition of those forces( the Peshmerga forces of Roj ) to PKK , and they are the People's Protection Forces, as it will achieve the desire of the components of the region, most notably the Kurds themselves, in addition to its enjoyment of a national ideology Proportion the nature of those area , and it was not a party before any component or sectarian conflict, so it gained acceptance in Inside and outside as well, and we hope that it will express the basic building.

after the return of the US Deputy Envoy in the region, Mr. David Brownstein, to the region, and assuming the task of overseeing the follow-up of these meetings, we find that what is awaited is that they are important issues overcoming the loss of confidence between the two parties after the attacking of the boss responsible the Democratic Union delegation The other party, in media statements, offended the climate for dialogue, the Peshmerga promoted, and the guarantor himself bypassing it on the basis of any real dialogue On the other hand, overcoming the controversial points that have faced these meetings so far, as basic principles guaranteeing the success of the dialogues, which are the product of the meetings for a year of time, and have crystallized as a difference in the views of the two interlocutors, which is represented in achieving societal reconciliation with the components of the region, especially the Kurdish component, by uncovering the fate of The political kidnappers, neutralize the administration and deport any party. External influences from decision-making sources, including the external party that is not acceptable in international circles, such as the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is active in Turkey.

Likewise, stopping the ideology of educating the younger generations, which has resulted in the dropout of girls and sons of the region from the educational system there, since the approved curriculum is not legitimate except for the current administration only, with an emphasis on an actual and real partnership in the decision and not being limited to a military structure that does not represent all logical components of a real representation Rather, the participation of the Peshmerga force promoted to establish, with its presence, the building block of protection and defense, and institutionally in any new prospective administration.

Finally, the basic factors for managing its mainstay the Kurdish component in a region in which the Kurds make up the majority may not satisfy the targets of some surrounding regional powers, but it Correspond experience of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and its achievement of the important principles of coexistence and regional stability, and its ability to be a good model in that environment, it gives it An attribute that could be restored, as an experience or something similar in Syria, through strengthening the prospective administration in the east of the( Euphrates) in Syria. To correspond the basic requirements for its success in being the pioneering experience in Syria, which could be a factor in the solutions of the Syrian dilemma after years of societal disintegration in this country.

Nizar Mousa