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Sunday, 19 May 2024
A report on the practices of mullah’s regime “Executions and Arrests”
A report on the practices of mullah’s regime “Executions and Arrests”

Iran's mullahs' ruling regime has increased its repressive practices, fearing of being overthrown and to prevent the expansion of citizen protests against the regime within the country.  The regime carries out executions, arrests, dismissals and other repressive acts with the aim of creating an atmosphere of terror and intimidation in society.

 The mullahs regime has at least executed 35 prisoners in July in Iran according to reports from the strongholds of the uprising, supporters of the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran (MEK) inside the country. Security forces has arrested more than 319 citizens for various reasons; at least 100 detainees were linked to MEK organization or other political and national groups.

 In this regard, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, has repeatedly called on international human rights bodies to send an international investigation delegation to visit prisons in Iran and meet political prisoners.


 In July 2019, 35 prisoners were executed in various Iranian cities.  They included thirty prisoners (in prison), four women (in prison) and another in public.

The age group of the executed prisoners was between 20 and 43.

 Most of the executions took place in Jawhardesht central prisons in the two cities of Karaj and Urmia.


 In July 2019, 319 people were arrested under various headings. According to statistics, the status of detainees this month is as follows:

 Political arrests

 Members of the Ministry of Intelligence, Security and Intelligence Forces have arrested 100 citizens under various headings including association with MEK, cooperation with Kurdish parties and other groups as well as posting protest slogans to the walls and propagandise against the regime.

 Arbitrary arrests

 Internal security, intelligence, patrol, and security forces arrested 154 citizens under various pretexts including coffee shop owners, improper wearing of head veil, a western lifestyle promotion network, participating in mixed parties, disciplining those who practiced the propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice, unauthorized hunting and quadcopter photography of sensitive locations. Security agents and detectives have also arrested seven new converts to Christianity.

 Social arrests

 Security and intelligence agents, and detectives have arrested 58 citizens on various pretexts including financial excesses and disruption of the economic system.


 In July, numerous cases of physical and psychological torture against prisoners were reported. In an inhumane act, the regime uses criminal prisoners to beat and harass political prisoners. Recently, the regime has used female criminal prisoners to beat and harm four female political prisoners in Karacak Buramin prison.

 Arbitrary Killings

 In July, 14 porters, low income earners and other citizens were shot dead by the regime's repressive institutions. Several industrious Baloch fuel tankers faced a brutal death of direct shooting by some guards. Four prisoners also died in prison due to illness and lack of medical care.