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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
The statement of Muslim Brotherhood Tehran's allies
Thaer Alhajji

Day after day, more and more people realise how much the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) use fraudulent and misleading claims to achieve its aims

Those lies the organisation's leaders tried to spread, through their political, economic and military activities, were exposed later and showed how deeply the group is related to the Iranian project since the 1980s.

The revolutions of the Arab Spring revealed how deeply this organization is related to the destructive Iranian project in the region and what Egypt witnessed during a year of the MB rule confirms this.

The MB's lies and hypocrisy continues through the affiliation of its branches with the mullahs' regime in Tehran. Its Palestinian branches i.e. the Hamas organisation and the Islamic Jihad Movement are standing against the

In fact, these organizations fooled the Arab peoples as it was secretly a part of the Iranian project and claimed the resistance. Moreover, they called their activities Islamic the thing that insults the Islamic religion and distorts its noble principles. The Iranian regime did the same thing when Khomeini called Iran the "Islamic" Republic of Iran in April 1979. Khomeini is the first to sow the seeds of sectarian strife in the region and permitted killing in the name of religion.

The things we see in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and the way Hezbollah destabilise Lebanon are examples of the crises and conflicts that destroy peoples.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria was a continuation of the subversive activities of the Mullahs' regime.

The MB takes the decision on the behalf of the Syrian opposition and it took the Syrian revolution and diverted it away from its goals of achieving freedom and resisting tyranny and it allied itself with Iran and other countries which wants to tear Syria apart.

The MB calls for a solution to the Syrian crisis from outside international resolutions such as abandoning the 2254 resolution. It tries to dismiss resolution 2254 through the Astana process and adopt the constitutional committee and making it an alternative for the transitional governing body stipulated in 2254 resolution to serve the Iranian project which supports the criminal regime in Damascus in addition to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah Hamas and others.

What angered the Syrians in general and raised their tone of condemnation is that the MB statement coincided with the final statement of the 17th round in Astana where the participants condemned the repeated Israeli attacks on Syria. It is known that the head of the opposition delegation Ahmad Tu'mah is close to the Islamic movement and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

The participants forgot those who destroyed Syria and its economy, stole its wealth and brought in dozens of sectarian militias which killed and displaced Syrians and wreaked havoc in the country.

It is inevitable to say that the recent statement of the Muslim Brotherhood entitled: "Entity addicting to aggression and gang addicting to killing and intimidation" shows its real face when it denounced the attacks on the sectarian mafias in the port of Latakia.

But the question remains, were these attacks targeting containers holding medicines for hundreds of thousands of wounded Syrians? Or was it targeting humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of poor and hungry people? of course not!

The condemnation of that attack by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria was a major scandal and provided new evidence of this group's association with the mullahs' regime in Tehran.

In addition, the statement did not take into account the crimes committed against the Syrian people by the hateful sectarian militias and those affiliated with the Iranian Quds force in Syria.

The largest demographic change implemented by the mullahs’ regime outside its country’s borders cannot be forgotten or winked at. They displaced millions of Syrians who forcibly left their homes and cities which were settled later by thousands of families of sectarian militia fighters.

This is the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, this is its approach and this is its way ... Are there any masks left that hide this group's motives?

Beyond any doubt, all Syrians now know this group and there is no way it can justify its crimes against the Syrian people and its revolution. The Iranian threat and the mullahs' project will not stop there or be limited to the countries it has entered before but it will extend to all parts of the Middle East.

This danger will only be contained and ended by the internationally-supported efforts and forces of the Middle East and by spreading the political awareness among the peoples of the region about this danger and telling them its consequences that threaten their existence regardless of their ethnicity or race.

In conclusion, Iran threatens everyone and its threat must be eliminated to enhance the course of international peace and security not only in the Middle East region.


BY:  Thaer Abdulaziz Alhajji