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Sunday, 21 April 2024
China puts second city into total lockdown as 3 Covid cases were discovered

The BBC reported that China has put a second city into total lockdown after just three asymptomatic Covid cases were discovered.

Yuzhou - which has a population of 1.1 million - saw its transport system shut down and all but essential food stores closed overnight.

It follows a similar lockdown in Xi'an, where 13 million have been confined to their homes since 23 December.

The strict measures come ahead of the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics due to be held in Beijing.

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In Yuzhou, some 700km (434 miles) south-west of Beijing, officials said that "to curb and quash the epidemic within the shortest amount of time is a high-priority political task" for both citizens and government employees.

All residents were told to remain indoors, with only those involved in containing the disease allowed to leave.

Source: BBC