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Saturday, 13 April 2024
The natural immunization idea
Dr. Kamal Allabwani

 The human body has basic immune capabilities that address every foreign factor entering the body and try to eliminate it, at the same time analyzing it and transmitting information to the central immune system that generates specific antigens for it. The natural

The time that the body needs to start producing specific antigens, the speed of its production, and the amount of infectious agent that entered the body, and the speed of its reproduction therein, are all critical factors in determining the development of the disease, the severity of symptoms and the death rate.

The first exposure is significant if it starts with a small or large amount of the pathogen, or a prolonged exposure from the patient's surroundings from co-workers, family, or medical staff.   Another important factor is the difference between the speed of the increase in the number of pathogens by a geometric ratio, and the speed of development of specific antibody immunity by a mathematical ratio that begins after about two days.

The subsequent exposure is very different from the first exposure if it occurs after four days.


  • Any suspected patient must isolate himself, and pay exceptional attention to his family, and more attention if the infectious agent spreads by air.

  • The slight exposure to the pathogen works like a vaccine, the same idea of the small number instead of the weakened agent, but it needs a period of 4 days before any other exposure, and it occurs naturally when life continues as usual.

  • The medical team must be isolated for four days after the first exposure before proceeding with their work, and they should have adequate rest any time they feel unwell.

  • Keeping the mild patient at home and not isolating him puts the rest of the family at risk and raises the death rate. 

  • A general isolation policy is not a good way to deal with a pandemic, only the isolation of the injured is necessary, the opportunity should be left for healthy people to form their natural immunity through light exposure, herd immunity develops faster and safer in this case.

  • Continuous exposure raises mortality even among young healthy populations.  The natural

  • Screening for specific immunity is essential, especially for the medical staff, and for the high-risk group, the special vaccine for that must be developed as quickly as possible. levant

  • The treatment by the immune plasma taken from the recovering patients, which contains a quantity of specific antibodies is more useful at the beginning of the disease, especially with high-risk groups or severe cases. levant