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Sunday, 03 March 2024
Russia ready to stamp out terrorism on its own territory and globally

The TASS reported, speaker of the Federation Council (the upper house of Russia’s parliament) Valentina Matviyenko said on Friday, Russian society is united in the war against terrorism and is ready to stamp out its manifestations both on its own territory and in any part of the globe.

Matviyenko said in a statement issued for Russia’s Day of Solidarity Against Terrorism: "Russian society is consolidated in the unrelenting eradication of terrorism in all its manifestations and expresses its readiness to root out the seeds of this evil both on its own soil and in any part of the world."

Russia’s top senator stressed, the nation’s law-enforcement and security agencies "promptly neutralize the hotbeds of hostile activity inside the country and effectively participate in resolving emergency terrorist situations outside the state, acting strictly in compliance with international law."

Russia troops-

The upper house speaker added: "It must be clearly understood that sustainable successes in this area can be achieved only by way of a global anti-terror front. Coordinated and communicative interaction among all of the world’s specialized agencies combined with resolute measures are the required conditions for preventing new tragedies."

Matviyenko emphasized, Russia’s Day of Solidary Against Terrorism does not leave any Russian citizen indifferent.

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The top senator wrote: "We pay tribute to the courage and valor of law enforcement personnel who have given their lives in confronting this inhuman phenomenon."

The upper house speaker said: "Our country has faced the cruelty and treachery of the plotters and perpetrators of these destructive terrorist acts more than once. Innocent citizens and, what’s especially horrifying, defenseless children were the targets of these cynical murderers. In no way can any personal or ideological motives or political goals serve as a justification of that."

Source: xinhua