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Thursday, 22 February 2024
Protests over water shortages in Iran continue for 6th night
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The Media Line reported according to Al Jazeera that protests over water shortages in the Khuzestan province in southwest Iran continued for a sixth straight night. At least two civilian protesters have been killed and a police officer wounded after being shot in the leg.

According to the media outlet, it is not known how many protesters have been arrested.

The internet has reportedly been severely curtailed in the area as well.

The area has had water problems for decades, but extremely high temperatures and drought have exacerbated the problem.

The government reportedly is sending water tankers to the region.

The region also is facing massive power outages, which stop the operation of electric pumps that bring water into private homes.

The anti-government protests spread on Tuesday night to Tehran. Activists on Tuesday night demonstrated in front of the Interior Ministry in the capital in support for the people of Khuzestan.

Source: themedialine
Image source: themedialine