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Thursday, 08 December 2022
Mekdad threatens European countries if they send troops to the east of the Euphrates
Mekdad threatens European countries if they send troops to the east of the Euphrates

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister “Faisal Mekdad” warned European countries about sending their troops to the east of the Euphrates, threatening that they will face significant consequences if they do that.

The Statements of the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister coincide with the declaration of European countries to send troops to north-eastern Syria, where the US forces and International Alliance established several military bases, used against the organization of the Islamic state.

In his warning Mekdad stated that they don’t trust the intentions of the United States of America nor its allies.

“The Zionist, Israel, the United States and the Western countries are the ones responsible for the Syrian crisis, they are the ones that sought to impose a new reality on the counties of this region, by subjecting Syria to their will.”

He accused the United States, the Turkish government, Saudi Arabia and the Syrian democratic forces for obstructing peace efforts and stopping the war.

“Some groups associated with the American occupation and colonization, like some Kurdish political organisations, should know that Syria will remain one and it will resist all the attempts to occupy Syria” Mekdad said.

He added: “I assure those who are trying to send new troops to Syria which we see now on social media, that they are wrong, and that they sacrifice their troops and send them without any justification to prevent the cessation of blood that is shed on Syrian territory. What do these countries benefit from sending these troops other than subjecting them to the American leadership and the wishes of Israel? We encourage these countries not to continue destroying Syria and to protect the lives of its soldiers”.

He also accused Turkish President Reccep Tayyib Erdogan and his government of committing crimes against the Syrians. He said “The cessation of fire in Idlib will not be achieved as a result of the crimes committed by the government of Erdogan against our people in Idlib and its support for terrorist groups, including Al-Nusra Front that is registered as a terrorist entity on the Security Council regulations.”

He also added talking about Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party, saying: “ Erdogan must know that the Turkish people who dropped him in the Istanbul elections are capable of ousting him from the office. We are betting on the awareness and wisdom of the Turkish people, and we do not bet at all on Erdogan’s or his AK party in practice about dealing with the Syrian issue. He must withdraw and fight terrorism as specified by the Security Council resolutions, otherwise Turkey will suffer more and the bloodshed in the region will increase as a result of the actions that Erdogan takes full responsibility of.”

Despite Mekdad’s talk about the foreign occupation of Syria, he praised the relations of his regime with the Russians, saying: “We trust that Russians are putting all their efforts to persuade Erdogan to abandon his plan of expansions and his support against Syria, which the Turkish people have no benefit from. Whom we tried to establish the best relations with before the outbreak of these event in Syria, but it turned out that Erdogan has benefit in the region that he will not let go of. We must continue to put pressure on Erdogan allies in order to stop the shedding of blood of Turkish and Syrian people and to stop the instability in the region.”

The statements of the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister coincide with the spread of the Turkish army on the Syrian-Turkish border in north eastern Syria and the announcement of several European countries to send their military forces to protect the border areas that are safe, at the same time the continued battles between the Syrian regime and the armed opposition and the Nasra Front in the province of Idlib.