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Friday, 02 June 2023
Libya and several Arab countries are going through same conditions
Nidaa Sabbagh

Libya and several Arab countries are going through same conditions, most of which are similar in causes and results, and the regional and international players almost play the same roles but with different interests, and the peoples remain the present absent who can turn the equation not by line-up and war, but to tighten their wounds for the sake of The new generation is the biggest loser in its mental health, education, and future to live without wounds in an independent and stable country.

National reconciliation is a demand of most Libyans and they expressed this in the Nalut conference for reconciliation and national cohesion, which was purely Libyan action, but unfortunately the beneficiary countries do not support This approach is because reconciliation will produce the true face of Libya, which is feared by the countries that have invested in ruin and destruction, and supported figures involved or greedy, and used them as tools to pour gasoline on the fire and prolong the conflict in a civil war in which no one can decide where from the parties, as they throw the youth to fight in the day and share The budgets at night in a play have become clear to most Libyans, especially after all the facts are revealed. In the era of

truth, nothing is missing, after the reformers in Libya failed to be mediators between their people with the support of the United Nations in the conference. GaDams, who was aborted, and the result of this abortion is 8,000 Libyan dead, 250,000 displaced people, and several billion Libyans' sustenance, and the entry of new international parties and mercenaries on the ground, and the biggest losers in this war are the Libyans, so their blood, money and land have been excluded, and as a result of this The war is a new international equation at the Berlin Conference, where the interests of the major countries have reconciled automatically and the other countries will follow suit, and imposed a new reality on the ground after

they strengthened their presence with 20,000 foreign soldiers on the ground, so the decision came out of the hands of the Libyans and they became mere guests in their countries exchanging accusations and insults Most of the people have come to view its politicians with an eye of disappointment and failure. The major countries have facilitated the space for the United Nations to be a mediator between the political factions with international political support and support for mercenaries on the ground in political, economic and military tracks, and they have turned a blind eye to the societal movement that represents the reality of the simple Libyan citizen. But in light of the state of exhaustion that the people have reached due to

the lack of liquidity, electricity and security, they are ready to accept any decision issued and from any side, so the forced is not embarrassed, as most of the people want an end to the fighting, the unification of institutions and the establishment of a technocratic government. Provides them with basic services, supervises parliamentary and presidential elections, and implements the roadmap that was adopted in the political dialogue conference and was the outcome of several meetings that the United Nations held with most of the Libyan components.

In order not to be pessimistic, the next will be better for Libya after the relative stability that has occurred and the cessation of the fighting and the new global conditions from the Corona epidemic and the Gulf reconciliation and the change that took place in the American administration not to mention the new collective awareness of the Libyans and their rejection of all the controversial figures that were the basis of all What is happening now and in the past, and there is popular rejection and increased interest in youth, women, technocrats and social components. They are the real stakeholders in stability because they are not enemies in the first place. Even if they disagree, they have achieved their interests through community

dialogue away from the bureaucracy of politicians and the release of prisoners and They received the displaced in a humanitarian work far from political calculations. What is among the Libyans is greater than all the lesions that have appeared, but the media has created media positions for some personalities that are far from reality and do not represent the Libyan identity, but rather represent those who are trying to bring them to the fore, and the future of Libya remains in the hands of Its youth who have proven their awareness and sincerity and have not been influenced by hate

speech nor by the machinations of politicians, they are only righteous sons of their country who cling to its unity and will be the forearms that will build it. These conditions are as difficult as they are painful, but usually crises produce their solutions and their leaders, and as many historians have always said, new comes from Libya. Let us wait. The next stage may be carrying surprises. The whole world is in labor and this labor will inevitably give birth, this is not astrology, but it is The lessons of history thus taught us, and in the end it is always the people who impose their will, even if the period is prolonged .

by: Nidaa Sabbagh