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Sunday, 03 March 2024
Kilogram of nails, screws, nuts and knives removed from Lithuanian man's stomach

Lithuanian local media reported, a Lithuanian man has had more than a kilogram of nails, screws, nuts and knives removed from his stomach by doctors.

According to the BBC, doctors said that he had been swallowing metal objects for a month after quitting alcohol.

The BBC said according to Lithuania's LRT public broadcaster, some of the objects retrieved during a surgery in Klaipeda University Hospital were 10cm (4in) long.


Surgeon Sarunas Dailidenas called it a "unique case".

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In its article (in Lithuanian), LRT published a KUH photo showing a surgical tray full of metal objects after the emergency three-hour operation.

According to the BBC, the man was brought by ambulance with severe abdominal pain to the hospital on the Baltic Sea coast.

It added, he is now reported to be in a stable condition, and is being monitored at KUH.

Source: BBC