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Thursday, 22 February 2024
Iran: Increased number of workers’ deaths Due to mullah’s Regime Anti-Labor Policies
Iran Increased number of workers’ deaths Due to mullah’s Regime Anti-Labor Policies

At least 10 workers have lost their lives in horrific incidents over the past month in various Iranian cities due to the mullahs' anti-labor policies, including the lack of minimum safety requirements. Also, large numbers of workers are constantly affected by disabilities and wounds as a result of the loss of a

minimum of these necessities in the work environment.

On Tuesday the September 10th, a young man in the village of Qalaat Rash, in Sardasht, lost his life while digging an irrigation canal following a landslide. On the same day, a 35-year-old construction worker in Khorramabad fell from a height of 10 meters to the ground and died of a crane rope break. On September 8, eight workers lost their lives in various incidents in the cities of Isfahan, Khorramabad,

Amol, and Kashan due to the lack of minimum safety requirements in the work environment.

State media acknowledge that under the mullahs Iran ranked 102nd in terms of workplace safety.

Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards’ terrorist Qods Force, reported on June 1,2017.

The poor living conditions of workers add to the fact that their wages are several times lower than their minimum basic needed to survive, The minimum monthly wage for workers for 2019 was officially set at 1.760 thousand tomans, while The labor section of the regime’s Supreme Council for Wages announced that the monthly living basket of a labor family of three people, and because of the high prices of basic living conditions, 6 Million and 400 thousand tomans, 3.6 times the minimum monthly wage. Not to

mention that most workers, because of unemployment, yield to jobs with lower salaries, and even those

wages are usually not paid to them.

The NCRI Committee calls on all trade unions, syndicates, and labor and human rights defenders around the world to unequivocally condemn the mullahs' regime and its anti-labor policies and to support the rights and demands of the Iranian workers.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran

The Labor Committee

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