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Tuesday, 16 April 2024
Iran comes into possession of three new vital projects in Damascus
Iran comes into possession of three new vital projects in Damascus

Through its military presence in Syria, Iran seeks to dominate the Syrian economy and lay hands on the most important development and vital projects in the country, with the sheer consent and blessing of the Syrian regime's collaborators.

Mosan al-Nahas, secretary of the Syrian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Damascus, has told Al-Watan newspaper, the Syrian regime associate, that Syria would be signing agreements with Iran for three key projects in the coming few days—specifically before Eid al-Adha.

Nahas added in a statement, "The agreements include the establishment of an infant milk laboratory, a laboratory for anti-cancer drugs and another for cars."

The Syrian official remarks came on the side-lines of bilateral working meetings between Iranian and Syrian businessmen held in Damascus on Tuesday.

"We are working on shifting focus from the consumer trade sector to the industrial sector to set foot on a powerful industrial phase in Syria," he said and added, "We are looking at establishing very modern industries in the fields of construction, health, medicine and infant milk to break the sanctions imposed on Damascus.

"We are working hard, and within months there will be a significant improvement in the economic situation. Many products will be efficiently available with regard to baby milk, medicine and many other products that meet citizens’ needs on a daily basis at very good prices."

"Before Eid al-Adha holiday, a Syrian delegation will visit Iran to sign agreements for the construction of the three factories," al-Nahas confirmed. "Later, work will be done on large projects such as construction and others."

He added that there are Iranian companies which are capable of building a 5-floor block in one month only, and this is what Syria needs in the forthcoming period.