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Monday, 15 April 2024
  • Indian Horticulturist Plants 121 Varieties Of Mango Branches On A Single Mango Tree

Indian Horticulturist Plants 121 Varieties Of Mango Branches On A Single Mango Tree

According to the We For News, Rajesh Prasad, the then Joint Director of Horticulture Experiment and Training Centre in Saharanpur, planted 121 varieties of mango branches on a single mango tree.

Horticulturists began this unique experiment on the tree about five years ago and the purpose was to develop new varieties of mangoes and experiment with their taste.

Unbelievable though it may sound, this mango tree is in the Company Bagh area in Saharanpur and is 15 years old.

Saharanpur, a district mainly known for its hand carved furniture, has now become famous for something else — a unique mango tree that has 121 varieties of fruits growing on it.

The We For News reported, citing local official as saying, “Different varieties of mango cuttings were planted on the branches of the indigenous mango tree. A separate nursery in-charge was appointed to take care of the tree. Now different types of mangoes are found on this tree including Dussehri, Langra, Chaunsa, Ramkela, Amrapali, Saharanpur Arun, Saharanpur Varun, Saharanpur Saurabh, Saharanpur Gaurav and Saharanpur Rajiv.”

Besides these, other varieties of mangoes including Lucknow Safeda, Tommy at Kings, Pusa Surya, Sensation, Rataul, Kalmi Maldah Mango, Bombay, Smith, Mangifera Jalonia, Gola Bulandshahr, Laranku, LR Special, Alampur Benisha and Asojia Deoband are also growing on this tree.

Researchers say that work is continuing on new species, so that better varieties of mangoes can be produced.

Officials say that those who are fond of mangoes can do similar experiments in the trees planted in their farms or kitchen gardens.


Source: wefornews

Image source: wefornews