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Sunday, 23 June 2024
Hong Kong police arrest six people from independent news outlet
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The BBC reported that Hong Kong police have arrested six people from an independent news website for "conspiracy to publish seditious publications".

It said that both current and former staff members of Stand News were among those targeted.

It mentioned that more than 200 police officers were also sent to raid the publication's office, with search operations still underway.

Police said in a statement that they were authorised to "search and seize relevant journalistic materials".

The current and former chief editors of Stand News were among those arrested, as well as pop star turned democracy icon Denise Ho, who was a former board member.

Flag of China/Shutterstock
Flag of China/Shutterstock

She confirmed in a Facebook post that she had been arrested on the same charge, and had been taken to Western District Police Station.

Those arrested - three men and three women - are aged between 34 and 73 years old.

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The arrests come a day after media tycoon Jimmy Lai, the founder of Apple Daily, was slapped with the same charge even as he serves a jail sentence for a litany of separate charges against him.

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The BBC noted that Hong Kong authorities have been increasingly cracking down on dissent in the city, following the imposition of a national security law.

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It said thay the controversial law criminalises secession, subversion and collusion with foreign forces, and carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Critics says the law effectively reduces Hong Kong's judicial autonomy and made it easier to punish demonstrators and activists.

Source: BBC