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Sunday, 21 April 2024
Facebook’s translation software embarrasses UK National Park Officials
natinal park in UK

According to Sputnik, Facebook’s translation software left officials at Snowdonia National Park in Wales red-faced after mistranslating some Welsh into English in a post that mentioned the park's mysterious “sex area." National Park 

Unfortunately (for some), it had nothing to do with an orgy invitation – the post in Welsh asked social media users if they intended “to visit Ogwen Valley sometime." However, Facebook’s automatic translation tool translated the Welsh word “rhyw” (some) incorrectly, causing the gaffe.

Snowdonia officials rushed to apologise when they noticed the mistake:

“Oh dear! Seems that the Facebook translate version has come up with something a bit different to the original Welsh version!,” they wrote alongside shocked emojis. “Apologies for any offence caused!”

But some users appeared to be a little disappointed that the "sex area" doesn't exist. National Park 


Source: Sputnik

Image source: Snowdonia-Sputnik