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Tuesday, 23 July 2024
Death toll of protests in Kazakhstan reaches 225
Kazakhstan protests/Facebook page

The Swiss Info reported according ot Reuters that the Kazakh prosecutor general's office said on Saturday,  the bodies of 225 people killed in unrest in Kazakhstan last week, including 19 members of the security forces, were delivered to morgues throughout the country.

The head of criminal prosecution at the prosecutor's office, told a briefing that the figure included civilians and armed "bandits" killed by security forces, Serik Shalabayev.

He did not provide an exact breakdown of the figures and said numbers could be updated later.

Violent protests began in the oil-producing Central Asian state this month after a jump in car fuel prices. The toll provided by Shalabayev confirmed the violence was the deadliest in the country's post-Soviet history.

Kazakhstan government resigns after violent protests over fuel price/Facebook page
Kazakhstan government resigns after violent protests over fuel price/Facebook page

Shalabayev said 50,000 people joined the riots throughout the former Soviet republic at their peak on Jan. 5 when crowds stormed and torched government buildings, cars, banks and shops in several major cities.

Kazakhstan detains 1,678 more people over alleged participation in unrest

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev turned to a Russia-led military bloc for help during the unrest and sidelined his former patron and predecessor Nursultan Nazarbayev by taking over the national security council.

UN criticizes Kazakhstan after soldiers seen wearing UN blue helmets

After complaints about beatings and torture of those detained in the aftermath, Tokayev ordered police on Saturday to avoid abuses and told prosecutors to be lenient to those who have not committed grave crimes.

Source: swissinfo