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Saturday, 22 June 2024
Coronavirus: More than 100,000 cases in Spain, 864 new deaths
Members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) walk to disinfect the Malaga-Costa del Sol international airport during a partial lockdown as part of a 15-day state of emergency to combat the coronavirus disease outbreak in Malaga, Spain. (File photo: Reuters)

The number of cases of coronavirus in Spain surpassed 100,000 on Wednesday while the number of fatalities reported overnight reached a new record, the country’s health ministry said.

The number of cases rose to 102,136 on Wednesday up from 94,417 on Tuesday, the ministry said.

Overall fatalities caused by the disease rose to 9,053 from 8,189 on Tuesday. The daily death toll reached a record 864, though the increase was lower in percentage terms than during the previous days.

source: Reuters