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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
China is building 'civilized' Internet to restructuring online behavior
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The Britishian reported citing Reuters, China is building a “civilized” Internet with a view to restructuring online behavior and uses it as a platform to spread new party theories and promote socialist values. The country’s cyberspace regulators said they would step up their efforts.

According to the article on the front, China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC) secretary Zhuang Rongwen called “modern socialism,” noting that China had more than a billion netizens and was the world’s largest digital society. He said such efforts are essential to build a “country”.

The Study Times Center is published by the Party School, which trains incoming civil servants in the ruling Communist Party. CAC has reposted the article on its official WeChat account.


He said the party should take advantage of the potential of the Internet to facilitate communication and to “use it” to “innovate the party’s innovative principle in the homes of the general public”.

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Internet companies need to better promote good role models, guide young Internet users and develop good cybersecurity habits instead of cyberbullying-like behaviors, and Internet companies are self-disciplined. He said that it needs improvement.

After years of hustle and bustle, Chinese regulators are trying to further tighten control over the society and its cyberspace.

In recent months, regulators have been cracking down on technology and other areas.

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The state legislature last month issued guidelines for building a “civilized” internet, saying cyberspace should be used to promote education on the ruling Communist Party and its consequences.

Source: britishian