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Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Certified Currency
Olga Tereshchenko

In the global market, there is an active substitution of the usual bargaining chip - the American dollar, which by the way is not provided with anything and is printed by a private company.

You will not surprise anyone with the word “cryptocurrency”, however still not everyone has figured out how to make money from it. At the same time, many people have already become dollar millionaires, and companies are building their business according to new financial strategies. For example, 40% of the US economy is owned by 1% of its population. Today it is more realistic to become a billionaire as a participant in the financial market

The modern world is determined by the pace of development, technology, huge consumption, slowly changing legislation passing into the control of the authorities and periodic economic crises. Because of this, there was a household need to preserve the accumulated capital and not associate with complex, often risky, banking contractual conditions.

The advantage is that cryptocurrencies are not subject to the restrictions of European law. Including the terms of payment restrictions. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are recognized as a means of payment by the leading countries of the world: USA, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and others.

The nature of the competitive market has created alternative cryptocurrencies. Approximately 2,322 cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of $ 349 billion are now officially registered and traded.

This is the only cryptocurrency in the world that is backed up by real diamonds - certified by international standards!

This means that you can convert your diamond anywhere in the world officially, safely and   legally.

The truth is ... diamonds do not take up much space.

CDC can be used both as a means of accumulation and preservation of investment, and for making payments. The basis of CDC pricing is diamonds. That is the fact of the stability guarantee, which is not the case with similar stable coins tied to financial instruments.

Thus, the cryptocurrency market has merged with a stable diamond exchange market with clear pricing and confirmation. The certification of stones ensures security, transparency, and stability of payments.

Diamonds are not only the best friends of girls, but also the best modern certified payment currency of top businessmen in the world.


Ukrainian International lawyer