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Saturday, 24 February 2024
Britain considers approving limited government attendance at Beijing Olympics
England-London-Westminster-Westminster bridge/Pixabay

The India Times reported according to Reuters that The Telegraph reported on Wednesday, Britain is considering approving limited government attendance at the Beijing Olympics that would stop short of a full diplomatic boycott.

The report said, an outright ban on ministerial and diplomatic representation at the Winter Games remains a possibility.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that Britain had not yet decided on whether government representatives would attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Olympic stadium/Pixabay Olympic stadium/Pixabay

According to the newspaper, one option under consideration for ministers is to skip the Games, but for Caroline Wilson, the country's ambassador to China, to attend.

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The report added, an outright diplomatic boycott is supported in other quarters of government and is heavily backed by China hawks in Parliament.

On Tuesday, Australia announced a diplomatic boycott of 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, joining the United States with a similar boycott this week.

Source: indiatimes