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Thursday, 09 February 2023
Brexit Curse Afflicts Britain
Jwan Dibo

Since the EU Referendum proposed and led by former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the relationship with the EU, Britain has not experienced political stability. This headed to economic stagnation, inflation, high unemployment, frustration, and pessimism among British citizens about the future.

Since that ominous referendum, the premiership in 10 Downing Street has rotated four leaders. The last one was Liz Truss, who remained only for 44 days in this position. Liz Truss was the 56th Prime Minister in British history and the shortest-lived in this post.

It seems that Brexit has become a scourge that will haunt the UK for a period to come that probably will be more turbulent and chaotic.

When David Cameron planned to hold a referendum on the ties with the EU in 2016, he sought to sort out the sharp dispute within his party over this issue. But he did not realise that by doing so, he was initiating a new era of chaos and uncertainty in his country.

It is the story of populism and polarisation led by Boris Johnson and his Conservative counterparts that inflamed in the run-up to and following Brexit. Those leaders who deluded British electorate into voting in favour of departing the EU, even by a narrow margin, by portraying Britain’s membership in the EU as an anathema on Britain and that leaving the EU would bring prosperity, goodness, and freedom to the British people, as if Britain was occupied by the EU. According to many analysts, Britain's international rank and economy were much better when it was in the EU for 47 years.

The UK, which was an example of political stability, has become, due to reckless and selfish policies of Conservative leaders, a symbol of turmoil, disorder, and deadlock. This reflects the flawed political and electoral system and the absence of true leadership qualities for Conservative chiefs who prefer their personal and partisan interests and privileges over those of the British people.

All the promises neo-Conservatives made to British voters during Brexit have become a mirage. Practically speaking, Brexit has brought nothing but more burdens, shocks and a series of failed and fraudulent leaders who do not confess their grave mistakes and insist on continuing on the path of loss and bearing more losses for the Britons.

After all the heavy damages the British people have incurred since Brexit, Tory leaders are still lying to the British people. The only one who kept his word, respected his promises, and had the qualities and charisma of a leader, was David Cameron. Cameron said prior to the referendum that he would resign if the majority of Britons decided to leave the EU, and he did, even though he was not obligated to do so.

However, the rest Prime Ministers from the Conservative submitted their resignations under duress and after being subjected to a vote of no confidence by their party comrades in Parliament. After all this, some of these leaders have no reluctance in running anew for premiership. Indeed, if you are not ashamed, do whatever you want.

It seems that the only solution for the UK to get out of this impasse formulated and put in place by the Conservative Party is to hold an early general election. Although this alternative is fraught with many challenges due to the conservatives' clinging to power, it appears the most appropriate and most viable in light of the scarcity of options.


BY: Jwan Dibo