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Sunday, 16 June 2024
Biden administration is moving to tighten enforcement of sanctions against Iran
President Joe Biden-United States President/Official Facebook page

The US News reported according to Reuters that the U.S. State Department said on Thursday, the Biden administration is moving to tighten enforcement of sanctions against Iran with the despatch of a senior delegation to the United Arab Emirates next week.

The delegation, which will include the head of the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, Andrea Gacki, will issue a warning to companies in the UAE that are not in compliance with the sanctions.

A State Deparment spokesperson said the United States has evidence of non-compliance, and that the firms could later be sanctioned or penalised over their dealings - confirming a Wall Street Journal report.

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UAE authorities did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Then-president Donald Trump in 2018 pulled the United States out of a deal in which Iran agreed with major powers that it would curb its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions.

He reimposed U.S. sanctions, prompting Iran to start violating the nuclear restrictions about a year later.

Talks are being held in Vienna on reviving the deal, but have shown little advance so far.

The WSJ reported, if there is no progress in these talks, the United States could send delegations to several other countries to tighten the economic pressure on Iran.

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A senior U.S. official told Reuters, U.S. and Israeli defense chiefs were expected on Thursday to discuss possible military exercises to prepare for a worst-case scenario of destroying Iran's nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails.

The UAE, a U.S. ally, has been trying to reduce tensions, sending an official to Tehran last Monday.

Although the UAE and Iran are on different sides of the region's strategic rivalries, their long-standing business ties have remained one of Iran's main links to the outside world.

According to UAE trade data, Iran ranked fifth among the UAE’s trade partners by re-export value in the first nine months of this year.

Source: usnews