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Sunday, 03 March 2024
Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer tests positive for coronavirus
Chancellor Karl Nehammer/Official Facebook page

The US News reported according to Reuters, Austrian chancellery said on Friday, Chancellor Karl Nehammer has tested positive for the coronavirus, the said on Friday, adding that he was in self-isolation and was not showing symptoms.

The chancellery quoted Nehammer as saying: "There is no need to worry, I am fine and doing well."

The chancellery said in a statement, the infection apparently occurred on Wednesday evening due to contact with a member of his security team, who tested positive on Thursday.

City of Vienna in Austria/Pixabay
City of Vienna in Austria/Pixabay

The chancellert added, Nehammer, a conservative who has been vaccinated three times, is conducting official business from home via video and telephone conferences and will not attend any public appointments in the next few days. Nehammer's wife and children tested negative.

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The news came after Nehammer, 49, announced new measures on Thursday designed to curb the spread of the pandemic and pressed on with plans to make vaccinations mandatory from next month.

Source: usnews