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Sunday, 21 July 2024
"Animals carrying Bombs," a New Houthi Method of Terrorism in Al Hodeidah

A Yemeni military source warned of the Houthi militia's usage of the animals and turning them into movable mines for bloodshed in Al Hodeida west of the country.

A camel filled with bombs, by Houthi militia which is the arm of Iran in Yemen, has exploded in the city of Al Hodeida, which revealed a new terrorist way for these militias that used all camouflage methods starting with planting stones and concrete blocks mines on the roads and under trees, and ending with manufacture a palm-shaped mines and cultivated them in palm farms.

The source confirmed that the Houthi militias attached explosives around the camel, and sent it toward the members of the Yemeni Joint Resistance Units who were stationed in the touchlines on the Khamsin street.

The source explained that the criminal militias sent the camel from Al Khameri building, but the large number of barriers that the militias had put in the way, forced the camel to change its path, it entered the sub-road and continued to walk in the dirt areas towards the positions of the Houthi militias behind the Faculty of Engineering.

Before its arrival, it exploded, which means that it was attached to a temporary detonator or it has been detonated remotely, according to the source.

The Houthi widespread usage of landmines along the western coast of Yemen since mid-2017 killed and wounded hundreds of civilians and prevented aid organizations from reaching affected and poor communities, Human Rights Watch declared in a recent report.

It confirmed that it had found evidence that in addition to the planting of anti-personnel landmines, Houthi forces had planted anti-vehicle mines in civilian areas, modified anti-vehicle mines to explode under the person's weight, and hand-made explosive devices in the form of rocks or parts of the tree trunk.

The Houthi militia planted more than 1 million mines in different Yemeni provinces, thousands of people lost their lives, mostly women and children, according to local and international reports.

Yemen is considered the first country in planting mines after World War II, and the World Health Organization warns of the impact of mines on the generations in the future.

"Animals carrying Bombs," a New Houthi Method of Terrorism in Al Hodeidah.

"Animals carrying Bombs," a New Houthi Method of Terrorism in Al Hodeidah.