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Saturday, 13 April 2024
A photo of Meghan Markle remerged and causing online conspiracy theory to fly
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan rocked the royal family with their January announcement that they will no longer represent the monarchy as they pursue a financially independent life File photo AFP

Clara Hill

A recently remerged photo of the Duchess of Sussex is causing a conspiracy theory to fly across the internet after what she told Oprah Winfrey in her bombshell interview. photo

In March, she and her husband Price sat down with Winfrey to discuss why they left the UK and their royal responsibilities, and Markle talked in great detail about she had no idea what being a member of the Windsor family meant as she grew up in Los Angeles.

However, an image has emerged of her holding a magazine with her future sister in law the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover, teasing the suggestion that she is pregnant with twins. 

“I never looked up my husband online,” Meghan said to Winfrey. “I just didn’t feel the need to because everything that I needed to know, he was sharing with me — or everything we thought I needed to know, he was telling me.”

However, in a now-deleted Instagram post, people are using this image to question Meghan’s version of events, implying the magazine meant she had read stories about them before. 

“She said she didn’t do any research on Harry or his family before she got married!” one person posted on Twitter. “Was that because she was more interested in what Kate had?” 

One other Twitter user believed this was enough to say, “She has stalked the Royals for years!!!” Meghan Markle

However, this opinion was not the only one floated on social media, as they felt the photo was only enough to prove she held the magazine, instead of doing research into the expectations of royalty.

“Easy with that stretching there.. you’ll pull something”, a Twitter user replied.

Meghan’s claims that she had not done extensive research on her now husband Prince Harry and in-laws were not the most explosive revelations made in the 8 March broadcast.

She went into detail about how the lies spread in the press, such as she had made Kate cry in a pre-wedding dress fitting, had left her with feelings of suicide, and how her cries for help were ignored by the Palace.

The royal couple, who are now based in LA, also talked about an unknown family member who asked about how dark their son Archie’s skin would be. When pressed for the identity of this person, the royal couple declined to reveal it.


Source: The independent