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Sunday, 28 May 2023
  • Yemeni Coalition Of Independent Women Holds a Press Conference On Houthi Violations

Yemeni Coalition Of Independent Women Holds a Press Conference On Houthi Violations
Yemeni Coalition

On the sidelines of the 47th UNHCR session, the Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women held a press conference to show a short film about Houthi violations in Ma'rib city at the Convention Centerer Geneva Conference was chaired by Prof. Mansour Al-Shadadi, President of the European-Yemeni House for Human Rights.

The panelists included Dr. Wesam Basindowah, Head of the March 8 Bloc for Yemeni Women, Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi, President of the Broken Chair Organization for Mine Victims in Yemen, and Mr. Magdi El-Akwa, Secretary General of the International Caucus for Rights and Freedoms

• Mr. Mansour welcomed all the attendees and journalists and thanked them for being present at the press conference organized by the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women and allied European organizations for peace in Yemen. He spoke that a short film will be shown on Houthi violations and grave crimes targeting children in Ma’rib governorate in displacement camps and inside City . He stated that the film's scenes are daily scenes in Marib as a result of the Houthi constant bombing of civilians.

Yemeni Coalition

• Dr. Wesam then took the floor and said: "Here, the children were displaced countless times in one of the camps that were bombed and moved to the homes of one of the families in the Al-Rawda neighborhood and the neighborhood was also bombed. At this moment, when the bombing took place, they were playing ball and the missile fell on them.

Critical condition and reassure that the child's condition has improved a lot now, the other child in the movie while he was in the hospital was counting the children with him and he did not know that some of them had died, Marib has 2 million displaced people, most of them are children and women from all governorates. They are subjected to shelling. The girl, Layan, is an icon of what is happening to the children of Marib and Yemen. The children left without knowing anything about their friends. Thousands of Yemeni children live with the expectation of terror at any moment.

We appeal to the world, international human rights organizations, the Commission for Human Rights and the Council for Rights Human rights consider the displaced people in Marib, and we recall that the organizations had moved to prevent the classification of the Houthi militia as a terrorist militia under the pretext of the humanitarian crisis and the delivery of aid, but it is a strange paradox that it will not work to save the children in Marib, and canceling the classification of the Houthi militia did not protect the children of Yemen, but rather caused the Houthis to exaggerate more of death and destruction."

Yemeni Coalition

• Mr. Magdy spoke and stated that what is happening in Yemen of violations are not being paid attention to by the international community, as the Houthi militia is bombing Marib with ballistic missiles, and there are many children and innocent people who fall victim as a result of the Houthi missiles, the picture of the girl Lian should have been published by all media. And speaking of it, what is happening in Marib is a greater human tragedy than what happened in Hodeidah, whose liberation was halted, and the crisis is still going on in Hodeidah.

• Dr. Arwa spoke and said: “It is unfortunate what is happening in Yemen in light of the international disregard for what is happening in Yemen. We have thousands of charred children everywhere in Yemen and the international community uses double standards and overlooks what happened to Lian and Ghaleb al-Salhi.

Regarding children’s crimes, why does the world use double standards, one girl stopped the war while it was taking place in Vietnam, but thousands of children in Yemen are violating their rights and this does not affect the international community, we accuse the international community and the United Nations of colluding with Al Houthi, we have to raise our voices everywhere, The children of Marib are displaced from one place to another, and the Yemeni does not find where to go inside his land, and no one stands by our side. What is happening is a crime against humanity and a disgrace to the international community.