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Saturday, 24 February 2024
Will Coronavirus Kill the Iranian Regime?
Mohammed Khalil

Iran is not the only country in the world that has not been able to deal with the Coronavirus well. There is also Italy and, to some extent, Spain and other countries. The difference is that the political leaders in these countries did not justify their inability to conspiracy theories as the regime in Tehran did.

The impotence of the Iranian regime and the miserable way in which it managed the Coronavirus crisis made Iran a hotbed of disease spread, not only within Iran but also to its neighboring countries as well. Kill the Iranian Regime

The onset of infections in countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Afghanistan was the result of the arrival of people carrying the virus from Iran, which at the time denied the outbreak of the disease.

The Iranian regime tried to hide the mess instead of declaring it and taking measures to reduce its effects at an early stage. The leaders in Tehran did not want to admit that there was a crisis at all. They wanted to avoid adding a new crisis to the other internal crises that the country suffers from, especially the catastrophic failure of the legislative elections.

Iranian politicians dealt with the Corona crisis just as they did with the Ukrainian plane that was brought down, hiding information and denial first, and then admitting after their inability to control the information leakage, and the increasing internal and external pressure.

Nevertheless, Iranian politicians did not stop throwing charges against others, especially the United States.

These charges varied between accusing Washington of targeting Iran biologically, to the statement that the US sanctions imposed on Iran are the reason to disrupt the country's ability to deal with the disease. Kill the Iranian Regime

No ground can be found for such accusations. The first one is based on a pure conspiracy theory that has no evidence, especially since the United States itself suffers from the same problem.

As for the sanctions issue, it is worth mentioning that these sanctions did not prevent the Iranian leaders from boasting about developing weapons; or from spending millions to support armed groups in other countries, they did not prevent the authorities from dealing harshly with the protests. Still, from Tehran's point of view, they stopped the state from dealing with the spread of the epidemic. This accusation is just an unacceptable logic.

All countries in the region took better measures than Iran, including countries with limited capabilities, such as Jordan and Lebanon, as well as unstable countries such as Iraq. Therefore, the Iranian people will neither forget nor forgive the ruling regime for the way it managed the crisis. levant

In Italy, too, the people will not forget the government's way of managing the crisis. Still, the difference is that the Italian people can change the ruling parties through democratic channels, but in Iran, the regime will pay a high price that may lead to its total overthrow. levant