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Monday, 24 June 2024
Who Is Responsible for The Resurgence of ISIS?
Jwan Dibo

The recent bloody events that took place in Ghweran prison in northeast Syria, which is overcrowded with ISIS terrorists, have proven that the so-called ISIS sleeper cells are no longer asleep, but rather they are very vigilant.

The intuitive question that comes to mind is: who bears the responsibility for the re-emergence of ISIS with this remarkable momentum? The answer, effortlessly, is the US, the EU, and the UK.

The reason behind this belief is because these three players are the ones who have fought ISIS at the international level in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, any defect or unpleasant surprises in this regard will be borne by these three parties, especially the US, as it leads the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

In this context, a set of thorny questions emerge strongly and make the West's credibility about defeating ISIS questionable. Why does the West evade its responsibilities towards the thousands of ISIS terrorists detained in the prisons of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)? Why does the West reject to take back ISIS terrorists who hold European nationalities? Why does the West not help to establish a global tribunal outside Syrian Kurdistan to prosecute ISIS fighters?

How can the West, especially the US, demand the Kurdish-led AANES and the SDF to guard thousands of ISIS detainees and tens of thousands of their families? Such formidable tasks could not be performed even by the West itself. So, why does Washington force the AANES and the SDF, with limited capabilities, to assume such complex and difficult tasks?

The Kurdish-led SDF, composed of various components of northern and eastern Syria, have paid thousands of martyrs in order to undermine ISIS strongholds. The SDF have fought the remnants of ISIS on behalf of the whole world, especially the West, the first target of ISIS. So, after all these huge sacrifices by the SDF, do these forces and the peoples from which they emerge deserve some practical, not verbal, appreciation and gratitude? Unfortunately, neither in politics nor in international relations there are no such ethical and humanitarian considerations.

The US does not help the areas controlled by the SDF even economically. Washington did not exclude the SDF regions from the painful consequences of Caesar's Law. Rather, the AANES regions were also afflicted with the sanctions of this law. America and the West do not contribute to economic development of the AANES regions to ease the burdens of the stifling economic crisis that has plagued them for more than 10 years. The dedication and sacrifices of the Kurds and the SDF in fighting ISIS were met by the ingratitude of America and the West. Last but not least, they forced the Kurds and the SDF to bear the unbearable, namely, guarding the world's fiercest terrorists.

The US and the West have always turned a blind eye to Turkey's direct sponsorship and generous Qatari funding of ISIS terrorists. For this reason, the attempt of ISIS terrorists in Ghweran jail to escape and take control of the city of Al Hasakah coincided with the recent Turkish escalation against the Kurds in several areas of north and east Syria.

ISIS is a local, regional, and international project in which the interests and hands of states and intelligences overlap. First and foremost, ISIS is a project to create and perpetuate instability in the Middle East, a region that is already suffering from scourge and insecurity. Since the instability of this region is in the interest of the US, the West, Russia, China, and even Iran and Turkey, ISIS will not disappear no matter how many strikes it receives, but rather it will recover more than it was in the recent past.

In other words, there is no real international and regional project to eliminate ISIS. On the contrary, there is an internationally blessed regional strategy to strengthen ISIS more in the Middle East, North Africa, and the entire Islamic world. The humiliating US withdrawal from Afghanistan after handing it over to the Taliban terrorist movement is a step along this path. Simply put, there is a covert international and regional decision to maintain and reinforce political Islam groups, regardless of their different patterns.

Indeed, the US and the West are the main ones responsible for the revival of ISIS. However, history has never witnessed that the great powers have been held accountable.

Creating and managing creative chaos was and still serves the goals of the global and regional superpowers, even if this is at the expense of exacerbating the misery and suffering of the peoples.


BY: Jwan Dibo