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Tuesday, 16 July 2024
US plans to compensate relatives of Afghans killed in botched Kabul airstrike
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The Tassco reported, the US navy on Friday mentioned it plans to compensate the relatives of the ten civilians — together with seven kids — killed in a botched airstrike in Kabul, Afghanistan in August.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby mentioned in an announcement that the Department of Defense can also be working with the State Department to relocate the households to the US.

The matter of condolence funds got here up in a gathering Thursday between Dr. Colin Kahl, beneath secretary of protection for coverage, and Dr. Steven Kwon, founder and president of the charity group Nutrition & Education International, employer of assist employee Zemerai Ahmadi, who was amongst these killed in the drone strike.

Kirby mentioned: “Dr. Kahl reiterated Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s commitment to the families, including offering ex gratia condolence payments.”

The Tassco mentioned that he didn’t say how a lot cash can be provided.

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On Aug. 29, earlier than the ultimate chaotic US evacuation flights from Kabul, a Hellfire missile struck a van pushed by Ahmadi after it had pulled into the household’s compound, killing the help employee and 9 others.

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The Pentagon initially mentioned the strike was a profitable, “righteous” mission that had killed terrorists from ISIS-Ok, the native Afghani affiliate of the phobia group, stopping one other suicide bombing on the airport such because the blast that killed 169 Afghan civilians and 13 US service members days earlier on Aug. 26.

Nearly three weeks later, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., commander of US Central Command, admitted the “tragic mistake,” providing his condolences to the households of these killed in the errant strike.

The Pentagon described Ahmadi’s unintentional killing as a consequence of the frenzied evacuation effort after the Taliban swept into Kabul earlier than President Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline to pull US forces from the nation.

Ahmadi had spent 14 years as a technical engineer in Afghanistan for the Pasadena, Calif.-based charity group, which feeds hungry Afghans.

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In Thursday’s assembly, Kwon mentioned Ahmadi had labored “providing care and lifesaving assistance for people facing high mortality rates in Afghanistan,” in accordance to Kirby.

Grieving relatives have lobbied the US authorities for compensation and assist to go away the nation.

Samim Ahmadi — the 24-year-old stepson of Zemerai— told the Washington Post final month: “Whether in America or another country, we want peace and comfort for our remaining years."

“Everyone makes mistakes. The Americans cannot bring back our loved ones, but they can take us out of here.”

Source: tassco