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Thursday, 25 April 2024
UK recognizes the need to work with Russia and China on Afghan track

Diplomatic sources told a TASS correspondent on Sunday, the UK thinks that Russia and China may have the opportunity to influence the new government in Kabul and recognizes the necessity of joint work with Moscow and Beijing on the Afghan track.

According to the TASS, the source said: "We recognize the need to work with Russia and China given their potential ability to influence the new Afghan government and our collective interests in countering terrorism and narcotics, preventing a refugee crisis and averting further economic collapse."

The Russian news website added, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres intends to hold a meeting with the permanent members of the UN Security Council on Monday on this subject.


The UK is working with France and the US on convincing their colleagues in the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that would send a clear message to the Taliban on standing by their commitment to safe passage for foreign nationals and Afghans with travel authorization from third countries and on preventing Afghanistan from becoming a base for terrorists.

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The TASS mentioned according to London, it is also necessary to note the importance of enabling humanitarian access to Afghanistan in order for UN staff to continue their humanitarian work in a safe environment.

According to the diplomatic sources, "the draft resolution has been under negotiation amongst UNSC members over the weekend with the aim of adopting it early this week."

Source: tass