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Saturday, 02 July 2022
The Ukrainian War Is a Proxy War Par Excellence
Jwan Dibo

The war in Ukraine is developing so frighteningly that it is impossible to predict what will come next. All the players involved in this war began to reveal their intentions and goals directly after they did so indirectly during the first weeks of the conflict.

The war undoubtedly has turned into a proxy war between the US-led NATO and the successor of the Soviet Union, viz., Russia. The reason for this rapid and dramatic transformation, whether on the ground or in the media, is that this war is taking place in Europe between two historical arch-rivals, foreshadowing once again that the old continent could be a springboard for a potential third world war.

On the 25th of last month, the US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said that “The United States’ goals in the war were not only to protect Ukraine as a democratic, sovereign country but also to “weaken” Russia as a military power”.

Later, Austin chaired a meeting of defence ministers from 40 countries at NATO Air Command headquarters in Germany in order to coordinate to help Ukraine confront Russia.

This was followed by the US House of Representatives passing a bill to revive a World War II-era law only to increase aid to Ukraine. This law facilitates the export of arms, ammunition, and other military equipment to Ukraine.

The move coincided with US President Joe Biden's request to Congress to approve a massive additional budget of $33 billion to help Kyiv in its fight against Russia. $20 billion of this aid will be for weapons, ammunition, and other military aid.

Added to all this is the unlimited US intelligence support for the Ukrainian army in identifying and bombing important Russian targets. This support has proven to be effective in inflicting heavy losses on the Russian army.

All this indicates that the war in Ukraine is a proxy war between Russia and Ukraine, which is fighting on behalf of NATO. Thus, this war has become a miniature world war in terms of geography, but in political and ideological terms it is undoubtedly an international war.

The unlimited US and Western involvement in this war is not for the sake of Ukraine's sovereignty, as Western officials say, but rather for the sake of Western security. The United States is concerned about the collapse of the Western “international” system and the unipolar system that prevailed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Therefore, Washington and NATO hawks are mobilised militarily, in intelligence, politically and diplomatically to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion. The US aim has become to prolong the war in Ukraine and turn it into a quagmire to drain Russia.

Washington realises that if Russia succeeds in achieving its goals in Ukraine, Putin will continue his efforts to restore the glories of the collapsed Soviet Union by invading neighbouring countries that were once Soviet republics.

This, in turn, will lead to the end of the US-led unipolar international system, and the emergence of a bipolar or multipolar system. Especially after the American unipolar system has proven its failure to lead the world towards peace and prosperity or to solve its growing and cumulative problems.

In addition, Washington is well aware that if Moscow is relatively successful in achieving its objectives in Ukraine, this will encourage China to annex Taiwan. As a result, Uncle Sam will have a difficult and possibly impossible confrontation with the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon. This threatens to erupt a third world nuclear war, deadly and devastating for all, and will turn the Earth into a veritable inferno where the effects will last for centuries.

Russia, after it failed in plan A to take control of Kyiv and install a loyal government, moved to plan B, which is to control eastern Ukraine, after realising that the West is trying to turn Ukraine into a trap to drain the Russian military power. But in the same sense, it can be said that Russia has succeeded to a certain extent to turn Ukraine into a drain quagmire for NATO, where billions of dollars have been spent on military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Yes, the Ukraine war is a proxy war between Putin's Russia seeking to turn back the clock, and the U.S who has an insatiable appetite, desire and hunger for power and hegemony. In addition to an immature Ukrainian president who became Washington's puppet, he was falsely and misleadingly likened to Winston Churchill during World War II.

BY: Jwan Dibo