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Friday, 23 February 2024
The Levant News.. A trustworthy news source for the world press
The Levant News

The Levant News, in its paper and electronic versions, is keen to deliver to its readers, whether Arabic or English speakers, news from its reliable sources. Since the beginning, it committed itself and promised the readers to be the public eye and report the news with credibility and professionalism.


 Today, after more than five years of reporting news, many media outlets say that The Levant News has reached a significant status of reliability, becoming an important source of news.



  At The Levant News, we direct our audience questions to our guests in (Question and Answer), trying to fathom major events in the region, and also exposing organizations that have created chaos and have become a threat to the future of the region.


 The Levant News has been able to gain high credibility, which has made it, internationally, one of the reliable sources of information. BEFORE IT'S NEWS website says: Media outlets like The Levant is committed to offer independent news coverage on regional and global affairs and openly condemn the nuisance of nationalism. Its narrative is independent of extremist agendas or regimes. The Levant is published in London, and focuses on stories revolving in the MENA region.

The Levant is an ideal news source that is reliable, authentic, promotes freedom of expression and values of tolerance and libertarianism. With regional offices in Istanbul, Cairo, Erbil, etc. The Levant continues to be a global authority on the most pressing matters in the world.

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 Alexis Howick website talks about the significance of trusting news from The Levant in an article on the most important platforms you should trust:

Another profound question you should take into perspective is the reputation of the source. Take The Levant News as the perfect example, this is an independent media organization that broadcasts news on its website and via a newspaper. They also publish periodical studies on Arab affairs, socio-economic issues and cultural policy. Although The Levant is a newspaper channel that operates in the UK, they also have an online platform for people from other countries around the world.

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 In the same context, wapvy Tech News says in an article on journalism in the era of social media:

In this regard, efforts are being engaged to promote journalism that invalidates bias. The presence of The Levant News Media, a news agency that covers major stories in the Middle East. The Levant promotes authentic journalism values. It is an open-minded platform which commits to the belief of providing reliable news to the people. The Levant exists in an era where major news outlets including FOX news are inclined towards the Right and Conservative segment of global population.

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 As for medium website in an article titled (How the UK came to Boris Johnson and the disaster of Brexit?) which talks about information The Levant News provided in one of its reports:

His name is Alexander Boris of Pfeffel Johnson, although his family knows him as “Al” and the public like Boris, Boris Johnson. After sweeping the British elections, he won an absolute majority in Parliament and will be able to fulfil his great electoral promise: “Get Brexit done,” let’s make Brexit. Nothing happened on January 31; the United Kingdom imminently left the European Union. In fact, he laid out tough terms of exit, citing them as “Britain will prosper”, as reported by The Levant.

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A journalist in Daily Live News website, indicates in an article under the title (4 Top Challenges Faced by Media in Modern Times: Through the Lens of Levant News):

Along these lines, we have featured the most significant difficulties that the Media industry is curbed within the modern era of the 21st century, as highlighted by Levant News, a bi-lingual news channel founded in 2015 that focuses on the actual ideologies of Journalism. The Levant News functions by safeguarding the rule of ‘freedom of expression’ within the Arab world while advancing tolerance. By struggling to create its stance within the sensitive world of media in Arab, Levant News explains the challenges based on its legitimate experience.

 ‘Maintaining monetary sustainability of news channels keeps on being a significant challenge that the media is facing at present,’ explains, CEO Levant News. This is particularly legitimate for smaller media houses that have just entered the market. ‘Levant News too, had to pass through several financial hurdles before it gained a stable position,’ states CEO Levant News.

 The CEO of Levant News stresses that the world of media is in dire need to realize what is the essence of real journalism is; if channels wish to sustain in the market. If news channels continue to consider the matrix of views and ratings as the measure of success of their news venture, that surely the future of this industry is doomed. As the trap of scores makes it troublesome for news anchors and journalists to focus on honest journalism, they are focused on the rating to generate revenue for the channels. This has messed up the notion of journalism, for it is not the task of reporters to generate revenue.

‘Journalists are there to present the factual information to the public, and this exactly defines the essence of journalism,’ says CEO Levant News.


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The Levant News provides analysis for the most recent remarkable events and their repercussions, through short video footage and with sound and image. We try to show what words are unable to convey to our audience, in addition to caricatures and infographics, the simpler means, to explain information and data the reader may find too complex to analyse.

 The Levant News tries to be the public eye, which monitors mistakes and praises success, and the loud voice of its audience in the face of extremists and their supporters.