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Thursday, 09 February 2023
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is about to be declared after Taliban entered Kabul
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The We For News said according to Press Association reports citing a Taliban official, the Taliban, who on Sunday entered Kabul, are on the verge of declaring that they have taken control of the country and that it is now the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

According to the Guardian, the Indian media outlet reported that the declaration is expected to be made from the presidential palace in Kabul following the departure of Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani, earlier, who fled, initially to Tajikistan.

Earlier, the Media Line reported that Taliban fighters entered the capital of Kabul on Sunday, but refrained from taking over the Presidential palace, saying that it was negotiating with the Afghan government for a “peaceful transfer of power.”

In a related context, the Media Line said that at the same time, the US military began evacuating American diplomats and civilians, ferrying them by helicopter from the US embassy in Kabul to the airport.

It reported the embassy is expected to be nearly completely evacuated in the next 72 hours.

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The We For News reported, citing the BBC, that the Taliban are claiming to have taken over the presidential palace in Kabul.

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The Indian news website said according to local journalist, who spoke with two Afghans involved in direct negotiations, part of the agreement was that Ghani would join the transition of power ceremony inside the palace – but instead he and his senior aides left the country.

“Palace employees were then reportedly told to leave and the palace was (left) empty,” the aides said. The Taliban later told a global wire service that they had taken it over.

It should be noted that the entrance of the Taliban to Kabul comes after the Islamist group took over more than a dozen provincial capitals in less than a week.

The capture of the capitals is part of the Taliban offenses that began in May, as the United States began withdrawing troops from the country; the withdrawal is set to be complete by the end of the month.

US President Joe Biden continues to say he will not rescind his decision to remove the US military presence from Afghanistan.

Source: news agencies