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Thursday, 22 February 2024
Taliban horror: UK resettlement plan for 20,000 Afghans similar to the Syrian refugees one
Zara saleh
Taliban is a Taliban, nothing has been changed since the foundation of the "Taliban Movement" by Mullah Omar in 1994 until the current Emir-Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzadeh who was named as Taliban’s leader since 2016. The Islamic extremist movement of the Taliban was established based on a nationalist-Sectarian basis that represents mainly the Sunni Pashtun in Eastern and south Afghanistan. The only difference is that how the insurgent militia was able so soon to take control over the country after the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

After years of negotiations, former US President Donald Trump had signed a peace deal with the Taliban to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan in 2020, and the Taliban also agreed not to use Afghanistan's territories to threaten American security. In other words, the US and the UK officials were expected such withdraw but they believed it could take a long time before the fall of Kabul's government. The fear and disappointment swept Washington, London, Paris, and other NATO members due to such an unexpected situation in Afghanistan. In the UK parliament, Teresa May, the former UK prime minister raised the question “Was our intelligence really so poor, was our understanding of the Afghan government so weak?". Whereas, the tears of the UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace was another fact of disappointment regarding what had happened in Afghanistan and how they cannot get back all Afghans who were working with the UK troops, and he conceded that the failure of Western "It is sad the West has done what it has done,... is what it is".

Due to the criticism that faced Boris Johnson's government even by some of its MPs members, the Tories government declared a scheme resettlement plan to take up 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan over the upcoming years. The Home Office expected to resettle about 5000 refugees at the end of this year similarly to the scheme that has been done for 20,000 Syrian refugees between 2014 and 2020 who were resettled in the UK. The scheme will not include the existing Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy which offers any current or former staff employed by the UK in Afghanistan as more than 2000 of them have already been resettled. Simultaneously with the UK resettlement plan for Afghan refugees, several other countries have announced such plans to support Afghan people due to the fear of the Taliban's revenge. For instance, Canada declared a plan to resettle up to 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan. The US also has been prepared to accept up to 30,000 Afghans in the upcoming years.

Now Taliban has come back again after two decades of conflict with the US-backed government that cost billions of dollars and the involvement of more than 150,000 international troops. But failed to defeat the Taliban and in the end, decided to withdraw and to end the two decades of war. Consequently, Afghanistan's example has shown the failure of Afghanistan's government to build a basis for a stable state even with US support and fund, and again shown that the international relations are always based on political interests. levant

by: Zara Saleh levant

Zara Saleh